Premium Wallpaper Wall Mural - Autumn Watercolor Landscape

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Premium Wallpaper Wall Mural - Autumn Watercolor Landscape

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Autumn Watercolor Landscape Wallpaper Mural
The wallpaper mural showcases a watercolor painting with a beautiful autumnal theme. It features trees with varied shades of yellow, orange, and green leaves, set against a soft, dreamy background of rolling hills, suggesting a serene and picturesque landscape. The colors blend together in a delicate yet vibrant display, evoking a sense of warmth and seasonal change.

Materials and Installation
Crafted on soft-touch, non-woven paper, our murals offer durability and simple application. The matte coating provides excellent quality that accentuates underlying designs without overt transparency. Each mural section is 30 inches wide and comes in various lengths to fit a wide range of wall dimensions. The installation process is a breeze—simply apply paste to the wall, then position the mural sheets without needing to overlap them. Note: Adhesive paste is sold separately, allowing you to select the ideal type for your wall surface.

Standards and Durability
Our murals not only boast superb quality but also prioritize safety and environmental responsibility. They are manufactured without PVC, utilizing only inks approved by Nordic Swan, Green Guard Gold, French-VOC, and AGBB. The murals feature a moisture-resistant surface that's easy to clean and can be removed cleanly from walls without any damage.

Simple Setup
Installing your new wall mural can be a quick, enjoyable activity with assistance from a friend. Each mural purchase includes a comprehensive guide to help you through the installation process, or you can view our step-by-step video online.

Complimentary US Shipping
Our Wall Murals qualify for free shipping across the 48 contiguous United States. As each item is custom made, shipping may take 1-2 business days, with arrival expected within 2-3 business days post-dispatch. You'll receive tracking information by email once your mural is on its way.

Key Product Details
  • Material: Non-Woven Paper
  • Finish: Matte Coated
  • Texture: Soft-touch
  • Installation: Paste-the-Wall (adhesive not included)
  • Width per Panel: 30 inches
  • Opacity: Semi-opaque
  • Eco-Credentials: FSC Certified
  • PVC-free: True
  • Ink Certifications: Nordic Swan, Green Guard Gold, French-VOC, AGBB
  • Weight: 180 g/m²
  • Appropriate for children’s areas, hospitality settings, and dining establishments: Yes
  • Compliance: REACH Regulation
  • Emission of VOC: Minimal
  • Adjustable Placement: Yes, during setup
  • Cleaning Method: Damp Cloth
  • Easy to Remove: Strippable